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Someone named GARY called in regards to a grant I applied for. I advised I did not apply for a grant and to please stop calling me. I blocked this number and have received 4 other calls from the same area code and prefix. I also blocked those numbers. Must be a scam.. !!!! Caller: Gary


At 8:31 a.m. this morning (11-18-17), I received an unexpected call way too early in the morning as I like to sleep in from cell phone 516-397-1205 from a woman asking to speak to an Elizabeth, which is me. She said she was informed via the internet that I had foot pain and she wanted to know if I had medicare. She said she could provide a brace for my foot pain. Number one is that I do not use anyone's offers or services if they ring my doorbell or call me on the telephone. I asked her how she obtained my name and phone number. She repeatedly said she was notified by either a friend or relative from the internet. I asked her how is that possible because my friends and relatives do not even own a computer. I repeatedly asked her how did she then get my name and phone number? She could see that she was not getting to first base with me and said that if I felt that uncomfortable about the call, that she would remove my name and address from her call list. Second of all, if I needed a brace on my leg/foot, my podiatrist would recommend it to me. Third of all, I get very annoyed when I get calls like this that are unsolicited at 8:31 a.m. in the morning. Caller: Cell phone 516-397-1205


A robocall selling health insurance - A search shows this number to be from Warrior, AL. A land line using TELEPORT COMMUNICATIONS AMERICA, LLC - AL. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.


Caller is an interest rate scammer! I am so sure this is a scam. I never contacted anybody about this. They also didn't say their company name or anything.


Keeps calling and Harassing me with blocked numbers at first then called using this number. About 15 missed calls within a 30 min window.


Really hot brunette that loves *** but is horrible at it


Really would like this investigated due to this person has Realistate Property Under My X/ Husbands name W/$ Work phone numbers under my Jeff L Tanner's Business going to a P. O. Box For Steven Vest Robertson Hidden From Me X-Wife


Caller ID says, “Unknown Name” but Been verified registers the number to a Pedro Martinez. Left no VM. I smell a rat! BLOCKED!


This is the message that was left: Yes this is June Pitman and I'm calling in reference to your supply charges on your electric account. If you could call me back. My number is 215-596-1470 80 if you could give me the reference number when you call back it's E like elephant 00521. Thank you.


Automated msg left asking to call back about some type of legal matter - weird loud sound blasted at the end of the message. Called my call phone


They say they they're able to adjust the interest rate of your card. Then fish for personal information. Don't waste your time answering this number.


I recieved a message saying the same thing not sure who they are though. They didn’t leave a name or a company name so I’m guessing it’s a scam.


I had 2 calls from this number 11/17/17 at 6;43 am and 8;38 am [215 675 6524] On 11/16/17 I had 2 calls from 215 675 6231 at 7;30 am and 7;51 am. I have not answered any as I feel they are yet another scam!


I received a robo call saying it was officer something with social security office and that my social security number had been suspended and gave a number I needed to call


Total scam Annoying Use multiple numbers including local ones Same message about tax Leins These people should be arrested Called 4x in the past two days Why are they allowed to do this Surely should be considered telecommunications harassment Isn't there something the FCC can do?


This Person sent me an email asking for garage door service. After several emails back and forth I realized that she is scam. She sent me the same phone number


I got the same call from this number today. They said I had an arrest warrant out on me. This is a scam as I do not even know what they was talking about. Some woman called.


Thanks works site great


BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !!


Just received a call from Mark asking for help with a ***ual issue however this guy gets his jollies by conning the caller. I finally surmised this after some time. He really does need therapy but not the kind that I am qualified to do.


I suspect my wife maritza plazola is cheating .would like to know who she is calling and texting.and also would like to know who is calling and texting her back Thank you .her husband..


If you are using Nomorobo to block unwanted calls, every call that they block is issued a challenge. Those who successfully pass that challenge are allowed to go through, and the called ID for the passed through call is changed to the Nomorobo number or else it will be blocked again. This is not a spam call, this is a call from a legitimate source. Granted, some unwanted callers can actually bother to pass the test, but so can legitimate callers who were blocked and shouldn't have been. The people reporting here that it is a spam number have not been doing their homework, as Nomorobo themselves have already explained the situation in their available documentation!


These people SCAMMED for almost 6000 fraud LOAN company Indian woman with accent tells you are APPROVED for 5000 gets your account number n routing information n makes you buy I TUNE CARDS with codes. I did n follow their procedures n lost 1000 DOLLARS n got no LOAN from them. Caller: LINDA smith


My phone number has changed from 913-558-5789 old number New permanent cell phone number with TMobile is 01913-326-3118 address is 14071 Foster Street Overland Park KS 66223 Please delete the old number ending in 5789 Thank you. Dianne Remfert


This number is from a guy posting pictures of actor David Harris. He is a smooth talker and does speak good English which is how he might make you think he's real. Sorry to disappoint you ladies, but whomever is behind those pictures is a scammer. And yes, I found him on "TryDate" honestly that web site is full of these creeps.


I received a call from this number telling me they are from Breast Cancer Awareness. I knew it to be a scam...they wanted to get my ok to send me a envelope for a donation. Why ask? Why not just mail it? Do not give any information to anyone who calls, even if the company is legit do not do it. Better to be safe than sorry.


Not a telemarketer or harassment call. Just a courtesy call from college regarding reminder of final registration dates. They give option to press to be placed on do not call list.


Fraudulent number that impersonated being a Verizon corp to my mom who had an outage yesterday. they sent a text and asked for a yes or no reply. My mom was curious and contacted Verizon who called the number and it appears to be a "no answer" # being used to scam people and possibly hack their phone account


Voicemail says “_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ we have just received a notification regarding your tax filings from the headquarters which will get expired _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ 24 working hours and once again expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 562-295-6500 I repeat 562-295-6500 thank you…” I don’t owe the IRS anything Caller: 562-295-6500


A robocall from SBCS Financial Service SCAM - A search shows this number to be from Birmingham, AL. A wireless number using NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS, LLC - GA. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked. Caller: SBCS Financial Services


They are dialing cell phone numbers on the FTC DO NOT CALL LIST to try and sell medical alert systems to people over 65. It is a computer randomly dialing numbers as they didn't mention our name and we are not over 65!


Just received text with this number as US Bank help desk number for "account issue".


Just got the same message...([USBank/MSG] Accnt/Issue Contact/HelpDesk @ (719) 988-0032 Today.)


I told them to come and get me. I am tired of these calls. same number as above. same message.


same calls from this Kira Smith as noted by others above - I don't answer calls I do not recognize so the caller has to leave a message - am also on the federal do-not-call registry however these scammers are getting smarter and using 'throw-away' cellphones - report these numbers on the do-not-call registry as the government is working on a program to catch these cell phone scammers :)


Just got a random text message saying "US Bank issue" telling me to call "help desk" at this number listed.


Just got a random text message saying "US Bank issue" taking me to call "help desk" at this number listed.


We were almost scammed out of a PlayStation 4 with 9 games for a great deal for his"nephew". Kept insisting to ship immediately since email said payment confirmed so we wouldn't miss the birthday date. Our gut instincts saved us. Scary so many low life scum sucking leeches are out there.


I rec'd call today saying IRS has issued a warrant for my arrest. I let call go to voicemail, and the message said please call me back at this # before the arrest is made or we can't help you. Of course, I did not call the # back as I know IRS does not work in this manner. Please, someone help get these scammers shut down beforean unspecting person gets sucked into this scheme. I am 78, but smarter than they are!!!


A computer generated female voice left a message that the IRS has filed a lawsuit against me (us) for tax evasion. We do not owe any back taxes and file federal, state, and local consistently every year on time.


I received a call today from 240-206-1407 -- said something about a SS#, wasn't mine, repeated the number, said to have my attorney call or the warrant would be activated. I was perplexed, tried to call the number back, and it was busy. Called again, it was busy. All I can think is that they registered someone answering, registered that the number redialed their number. I blocked the call. A$$holes- when their energy could go towards helping others.


Scammer leaves messages that the local cops are coming to lock you up unless you pay them right now over the phone. They don't speak plan English and are very argumentative if you refuse to pay them with your credit card. Then they ask for your name and social security number.


This is a known scam. The IRS has stated that they never make phone calls asking for money. It is done in writing.


received a call from 646-357-8771 stating that they were from IRS and attempting to collect taxes owed to them. That a warrant will be issued and officer will be arresting you if you don't call back.


I got a weird message; they asked me to press 1. They said that I had been reported? It seems like a scam. There is nothing I'd be reported for. I;m re porting it. If you suspect fraud, take these steps: Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or use the Online Complaint Assistant to report most types frauds. Report the IRS imposter tax collection scams to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) or by calling 1-800-366-4484.


The message from 201-762-8271 said my WellsFargo Visa Card was locked and to call the number. It appears to be either an identify theft scam call or one of the fake accounts Wells Fargo is accused of establishing in customer names.


A man called me from this number after midnight claiming he found me on Facebook and was ***ually pleasuring himself to my photos!!! He explained quite graphically to me the dirty things he wanted to do to me and when I handed the phone over to my husband the man asked if he could talk to me again and finish himself off!!! Caller: I don't know


I am a civil investigator and got many complaints about: (Redemption Rewards Center) which is a fake name or department they use: Their REAL BUSINESS NAME IS: (Creative Solutions Marketing, INC.) I am working with Pinellas County Sheriff Dept in order to bring this crooks down, they are fraud and a scam ripping off innocent people, harassing and breaking all the FTC rules. Their corporation has been inactive since 2015. The owners name is (Niko Mercuris) which is another Florida scammer that is going to be arrested soon on fraud charges and fake billing subscriptions fraud. This company has contacted the wrong person, as I am going to do everything I can to bring this scam artists down. I know in Florida there is a lot of scammers and this is another example. ANYONE WHO IS A VICTIM, PLEASE CONTACT PINELLAS COUNTY SHERIIF DEPT AT 727-582-6200 SPEAK TO A DETECTIVE. Also file a report with Florida State District Attorney. The more complaints we get to the police department the better: Please help us to bring this bogus company to an end and shut down scammer NIKO MERCURIS. I have called this company and they blocked me, I cross examined there info and found out the real business name and info they use, but they wont provide this details to you if you call them. Other number they use is (818) 533-6498 they call using a auto dialer for a $100 gift card but charge you a fee of $2.95 or $5.95 to a cc. Then scam you for more money and you get nothing! Here is their business info: Their main number is (727) 726-2277 Florida Profit Corporation CREATIVE SOLUTIONS MARKETING, INC. Filing Information Document Number P12000024078 FEI/EIN Number 37-1667133 Date Filed 03/09/2012 State FL Status INACTIVE Last Event ADMIN DISSOLUTION FOR ANNUAL REPORT Event Date Filed 09/23/2016 Event Effective Date NONE Principal Address 2035 CALUMET STREET SUITE A CLEARWATER, FL 33765 Changed: 10/08/2015 Mailing Address 2035 CALUMET STREET SUITE A CLEARWATER, FL 33765 Changed: 10/08/2015 Registered Agent Name & Address CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY 1201 HAYS STREET TALLAHASSEE, FL 32301 Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title D MERCURIS, NIKO 28870 US 19 NORTH SUITE 200 CLEARWATER, FL 33761 Annual Reports Report Year Filed Date 2013 05/01/2013 2014 03/20/2014 2015 03/12/2015


this person , text me over 100 times in one day , harasing and threatening me and using vulgar language calling me many disgusting names like c*nt, Wh*re, etc also threatened to send his friends after me , this person is obviously mentally unstble , say he is East Indian and hates white people , and says he lives in North burnaby , I am reporting this person to Police


Would not say why he was calling, kept asking, "Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?" very aggressively.