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Andrew Lee called said he was from the social security administration (most likely fake name) said I need to call urgently otherwise they will block my social security number and take me to court because I haven’t returned the call regarding my social security number being compromised. First all the social security administration isn’t based in New York. Secondly, this is the most bogus scam!!


Fax machine.


fraud-called 2x,last 5/515/18 left message on machine-conversation of multiple people.


Some sort of Reward redemption telemarketing scam.




Said she understands there is someone in the household with chronic pain and wanted to know if she could talk to that person and ask questions I hung up


Tried to buy my cell phone on Craigslist. I'm in Farmington MN. Wanted my phone number but since it wasn't a local number I gave them my e-mail. Never replied. Being out of Waco TX I assume they are attempting a scam.


I received a message from this number saying hello. I asked for a name, but none was given. At least not yet. This person claims to know me and is able to give me my first name.


Recorded message that’s been on the news as being a scam. Caller states you have four legal allegations against yourself that demand immediate action and return call. Numbers have all come from New York


Recording announcing qualification to receive $11,000 government grant. Forwarded to Michael Cohen, because if he can gather referrals, every 100 will provide $1.1 mil for his legal defense. Although DJT's legal defense is covered by donations or from the 'yuge' leftover campaign funds, MC is on his own. He's not that smart and has been abandoned by DJT, Fox (& Friends), Rudy, Sean, etc. Why not help him pay for legitimate representation which could shave 10 years off his sentence. Ha!


Healthcare right now I'm actually really happy to say that we have an affordable option for you um so I'm excited to share the great news with you if you could call me back today um love to discuss what we can do to get you going call me today at 785-318-7850 again that's 785-318-7850…”


This is a bunch of crap, I registered a while back and got more for nothing than this. You just run a crock of **** through here and then don't produce what you said you could. ****


This number has contacted me on several occasions via trying to get me to send them money via credit card claiming to work for the IRS


I am receiving threatening calls from this number and the lack of information you are providing about it is very disturbing if you can't do better than this why am I paying for this service


Obnoxious telemarketing scheme re: home or car purchasing. Once you speak it prompts the recording to continue. If you say nothing it hangs up. If you press 0 repeatedly and rapidly a male voice comes on the phone stating "it does you no good to keep hitting zero! For every zero you hit you will receive 50 more calls!" You cannot reason with this individual. I try blocking numbers all the time but they simply rotate their numbers automatically. Never have I had such an annoying telemarketing caller!


Robo call before 9 AM Sunday, Mother's Day. The recorded message was in an Oriental Language (Mandarin? Cantonese? Japanese?). No caller ID. Not able to locate owner of number.


I get a text message with 8 randome numbers for installment loans. I keep blocking numbers and they keep sending different numbers.


Called my number at 9:04 AM (EDT) on a Sunday. No voice mail message was left. Suspect the call is either Spam of some type of collection agency.


This man /men are using this number on dating sites. They are scammers trying to get you to lend them money for import exporting of containers that are impounded. they will develop a very fast romantic relationship with you and than try to get you to lend money. I did not because we are warned about this on dating site. They are very persistant in throwing the issue back in your face so be aware will go on for 2 weeks. . I blocked this number.


I picked up and said was a computer voice asking me if I was ( my name) because it said there was a "complaint and something about a claim # it was asking me to press # 1 or 2...I hung up and googled the number to see if it was spam...I have a clean record and no drama so there should be no complaints etc . Usually if its a legal matter you would get a letter in the mail...right. take care in Palm springs


They left an intentionally garbled voice mail pretending to be somebody I "need to make an appointment" with. Most of the message was garbled, the only intelligable part was the return number and that I must make an appointment. These people are getting darkly clever.


Call is from Apex NC caller is account services & if you call number back states not in service just a scam


Apparently, This number is linked to a person who is stocking a disabled young adult, making his life miserable, by going to his home uninvited and stealing his money, forcing doors, knocking on windows and terrorizing this poor man.


Called and the robotic recording simply said “I understand”. Seems like spammer / sales / telemarketer. Another one blocked!


Your service was a complete waste of time even for a dollar it makes it sound like there was a lot of info found to get you to pay then when you pay there is no info at all what a ripoff


I have received a second call from this number which leads me to believe it might be a source of a scam! The caller left a request to respond to the call which said I was pre approved for some program and that I should enter a number to respond.


This number calls but leaves no messages. I have blocked this number but it still tries to call. I think if this was a human calling he/she would get the hint and stop calling! I am sure this is a robo caller.


T his ant there number this number belong to Cynthia O'Neal out if New johnsonville Tennessee. How are they using someone else's phone number


I am trying to update my information Present home an landline 817-630-0441mobil 817-5007landline an the no showing is not mine Thanks ReAnna B Robinson


This number contacted my husband said they were she was still living in gardere when was she coming to see her again her name is brittany nicole Sanchez an is a home wrecker


I know who's number this is. It has been his number for over 12yrs and the info you gave me was incorrect. That is NOT his name... And his phone line is active. You all are giving out wrong info. Maybe you all need to do more research


Rec'd. a recording in Mandarin from a woman. Didn't understand the message. Called back the number and it's from the voice mailbox of a Pauline Wong.


Most likely one of those scams where they ask for your name and if you respond "yes", they record that "yes" and use it against you after a purchase.


Repeatedly calls a business number to speak to a specific manager/director, for whom I screen calls, but they will not leave a message. Instead, they ask when the manager will be available, and they say they will call back. Guy said he's from the "Information Technology Research Center." I think this is one of those free information / "white paper" telemarketers whose goal is to have you purchase a specific product or service, presumably related to IT... but in this case they are contacting the incorrect person (and the incorrect department) within a large non-profit organization.


Caller is selling extended car warranties. Claims my car warranty expired, even though I have never owned a vehicle new enough to have a warranty, or even be eligible for an extended warranty.


This caller said her name was Amber calling about some inquiry that I supposedly made about social security disability benefits. I told her I was not disabled, she hung up. I called back and the recording said for agent press 1, put number on do not call list, press 2. When I pressed 1 to speak to an agent, recording said none were available and for me to email them at some gmail account. Scam no doubt.


SCAM Person named Rebecca Paris left voicemail stating she was trying to serve me in Pinal County Arizona... She referenced (832) 789-8770 and case #115602... I called local process servers none known by local Process Servers In area... Stated probably scam... Called Pinal County Court information CSR stated never call have him number referenced said most likely scam...


I get calls from this number for some sort of medical device they are selling. It's a recording, and you're supposed to be able to opt out, but it doesn't work. When you call them back, it goes to voicemail.


This is a persistent robo caller. Generally nobody on the line if you pick up. I did break through today and was informed that the scamster was "Representing the National Rifle Association." This is not true, The organizaiton doesn't use tele-irrumatori to solicit. A friend actually did listen to them and was offered an extreme bargain on a life membership. He would have lost his money.


Asked to buy my dirt bike. Said movers would come get it and he'd send a cashier's check. Red flag one. Then asked me to help with mover's fees, after telling me he'd throw in an extra $50 for the inconvenience of movers, when they get here because he had some other items to pick up in the area. I never told him where I am. Red flag two. Lastly, his spelling and grammar were pretty bad. This threw me off and just felt too good to be true.


No idea who rang but it was a voicemail in Mandarin mentioning China consulate (I could understand a bit of Mandarin). Since I am not from China and no travel plan to China, I think it is a spam/scam call. Hung up.


This number calls me everyday no less than 4 times. Whoever is on the other end will not say anything for about 15 seconds so I just hang up. Then they'll call back so I will forward the call to my voicemail and it's ALWAYS a different person each time, all that is left on my voicemail is a person saying call our corporate office and the number. They never say who they are.


Got a random text from this number stating “Hi , this is Jen. The AZ Republic just published a report that Gov. Ducey is going to HAVE to raise your taxes to make his teacher plan work unless we stop him. Kevin McCormick is running against him with an education plan that WON'T raise taxes. We need a few more AZ independents to sign the petition today to get him on the ballot. Can you help?” — seems like automated spam texting which is super annoying and is really going to annoying the people they are trying to add as their constituents. Spam text is a totally idiotic and counterintuitive move.


When I answered the call, a computerized voice began to talk about student loan forgiveness, and that my eligibility was nearing an end. I hung out before the message completed. I immediately called the number back and a male answered, claiming he is in the 617 area, though he used to live in Richmond, VA (804). He said he would have called about artificial intelligence, not student loan forgiveness. He also said he hadn't called half an hour ago. I corrected him that the call was less than a minute ago, and that he answered the number that I dialed, so apparently there must be some connection leading to him. He continued to profess ignorance, so I just told him I'd report the matter to the FCC, which I did.


This# keeps calling me threatening to send police to my house. To have any large animals locked up for police to come serve me.


Said they were trying to help me cuz of federal taxes told me it was from 2012 but I wasn't working said I had to pay 75,000 if I go to court and double out of it I was scared then I cashed the irs and looked up this number acs here I am


This number called and when she asked for me I said "this is barbara what is this call regarding" the lady who barely spoke English and could barely understand her when she asked for me turns and this time clear as day calls me a "fucking bitch" not sure what kind of business this is or what her name is but not acceptable


Sonia Montalvan is fraud at its best. Asking for my credit card or debit card to pay my medical bills? wth I haven't been to the hospital in over 15 years, crook go scam someone else cuz I ain't got time for you're crooked self go find urself another fool


For the third time today I received a call from this or a similar number saying that my Google listing was in danger of not displaying correctly. THREE TIMES in one day. And they call Every Day! So annoying! It's always a 230- number.


This number, along with calls from (609) 279-1990, call one or two times daily several times a week, but when I let it go to voicemail they hang up. If you try to call back on that number, a recording says the mailbox is full.