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Auditory Center telemarketer said someone in my household has hearing issues - she asked "correct?" As soon as I said 'no', she dropped the call without even saying goodbye. Don't bother answering this number.


A foreign accent always identifies himself as a member of U.S. Dept of Treasury, that I qualify for a U.S. Treasury grant for being a "good & loyal" American. They want you to give bank or credit/debit card info due to $250.00 processing fee" so you can get your money directly deposited faster, etc. ALWAYS A FOREIGN ACCENT AND GIBES NO INFO AT ALL!!! TELL THEM YOU ARE TRACING THE CALL!???? This is WORKING on some folks & likely is funding warfare to be used AGAINST AMERICA AND SOME ARE HELPING!!!! EVEN IF INDIRECTLY. CHECK/VHECK/DOUBLE CHECK!!!! LEGIT OFFERS STAND UP TO SCRUTINY!!!!


What the ****? Isn't there a single reputable company that gives the person's name without this bait and switch crap of not asking for money until you are ****ing one page away from knowing who it is?


Automated voicemail. It was the US Government letting me know that a lawsuit has been filed under "your name" and to call back 315-506-4110 immediately. Stupid...


Just got a call from this number. Said they had a business deal and had my name address and phone number. I didn't answer any questions but they wouldn't tell me what the business was about until I verified my address.


got same message today. voice is mechanic male voice. knew it was scam.


Scam number, block it on your phone asap


Got the exact same message today!


scam!! an automated man's voice leaves message on my phone that the Federal Government has been investigating my family for the past six months (!!) and considers it fraud that we have not responded. The voice says a lawsuit has been filed in my name. They give the 315-506-4110 number to "immediately return this call". I texted this number that I am reporting them "immediately" to the FCC.


calls and leaves no message Time to block


SCAMMER! Said phone does not take photos, wants my email. Do not respond!


This number call me leaving a message they are the IRS.They have file a law suit against me .


This number415 779 0035 keeps calling me telling me that i have 4 serious charges against me.for taxes and the local police will be arresting me


I believe this Dennis Webb and or Kathleen is not the same person. The Dennis Webb I am looking for is Dennis James Webb an architect from Austin, TX. Probably not true. He was in Doha, Qatar and used an international phone # 011-974-330-11539 can you trace this. He tried to get money from me and he called my home phone, emailed and cell # for a 2 month period.


Craigslist scammer! Offers to send a cashiers check (fake) and have a friend pick up the item. Classic Craigslist scam


Who Called: Ima Crook I'm going to puke if I read another comment "I'm on the do not call list." Crooks do not have to adhere and abide by the Do Not Call protocol because by their very nature, they are thieving ***tards, thieves and bottom-dwellers who make a living on idiots who fall for their schemes.


Spam/scam for sure. Says to press 2 to be removed from list. After do that and still receiving calls, stayed on the call and ask the human who answered what I have to do to be removed and they hung up on me. Also, tried to call the number back but it’s a fake number.


Political robocall from organization willing to take money from you and me to pay for someone else's children, parents, and family.


This is a load of crap. This is my number that I've had for almost 15 years and your site is saying it belongs to Pat Neal.


Left robo message saying that they have been trying to contact me for 6 Months and now I will be charged federally for fraud and that my case will be downloaded and sent to court.


This number was a garnishment letter that was sent to my employer for a payday loan. They ARE A FAKE company from what I can tell. The phone number only has voice mail and no one ever picks up,


Offering free gift cards for taking a survey that is phishing for your personal information. Blocked and reported to the FCC, FTC and Do Not Call List.


probably robo call from spammer, rang,voice mail picked up, call ended no message,never ever pick up unknown caller if you do you let them know it is a " hot " number and the spammer will sell your hot number to many other spammers.


Another fraudulent credit card scam to lower interest rate. Other app shows over 15 complaints against this number. Blocking number now.


This number appears to be bogus. It gives the New Mexico area code but shows up on caller ID has only located in the US. This is not a trusted Kolar


Another call like the others coming in this morning with the first six numbers match, no voicemail left by any of them. What are the odds they are scammers, I am better one hundred percent. Blocking number now.


Credit card scam phishing for your information, don't waste your time. No voicemail left but the other app I also use has several complaints about this number so no surprise they don't leave voicemail. As always never answer numbers you don't know and I am blocking number now.


Missed call taken by voice mail. Left no message. Looked it up on line, called Gunnar. I consider this a nuisance call. Since kids have no school - it's a prank! HOWEVER I consider this kind of call SPAM and will address it as such!


Washington DC number 202-991-2227 called me and left message stating "Yes, this is Karen Parker, I'm calling in reference to your federal student loans. I need to discuss your repayment options with the new changes that have taken affect. Be sure to give me a call at 866-324-4414 with your reference number of 02025. Thank you." Caller: Karen Parker. SCAM!!!! I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY SCHOOL LOANS!!! BLOCKED


Political robocall from some organization willing to deny medical coverage to children, the elderly, and the handicapped. Sanitize your phone after this one.


This is a spoof #, meaning this # really doesn't belong to the caller. They try to use a# supposedly nearby where you are to get you to answer. Newark is NO where close to me. It was my credit card company because I was late.


They called to see if I would make a payment on my credit card over the phone. My credit card is not due until February so I found it suspicious. I did not give them my info. I called the number back and it only rings once.


Received post card wanting to buy a house I own. Name of Oscar Labrador on it, phone 614-300-7737, and web address of Called the number and a person answered "Welcome, olab home buyers. Do you have a house for sale."


I received a post card in the mail to call for a package they've been trying to deliver. I blocked my number and called out of curiosity and there was an automated recording that they do not accept calls from blocked number and no identifying information for the company. What kind of reputable company does that? Must be a scam! Probably got the post card because I'm on the do not call list and it's their way around it.


Got an anonymous message


I was sent a message on instagram and they left the number 5086187995 telling to text this number if I would be interested in free tickets to a concert and dinner before the show. Sounds fishy to me . Claiming to be country artist Trace Adkins.


I got this message “Hi this is ???this message is in reference to the choices _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ for the state of Illinois and your gas supply charges on your gas account please call me back at 630-358-6136 and have a copy of your gas statement handy to review your reference number is IL 284003…” and yesterday another one with a diferent number. Blocked!!


Recorded message from "Rachel at Card Services" When clicked to talk to a real person and asked to be taken off the list.was told "no




This number calls me repeatedly 3-4 times a day! Starting around 8am until 8-9pm and not just on the weekdays. I have gotten all of my debts behind me that are over 10 years old themselves so unless I'm being frauded I don't owe anyone so wasn't answering the calls in the beginning. But when they have kept repeatedly calling I started answering and there is no sound and then the other line hangs up. They need to be handled however because its a real annoyance to have your phone blow up consistently then to finally answer and and not one person talks! Ugh!


Automated call stating that they received a complaint with my name attached. Then spewed a little legal jargon saying I needed to call them and resolve it. Um, don't think so. All of my bills are paid. This sounds like a scam for sure.


Telling me about a car warranty that is going to expire i do have a car but the warranty isnt under my name and is up to date


listed on ATL craigslist looking for job


Who Called: "MINNEAPOLIS, MN" on CID We know no one there; no legit reason for this call. Picked up/hung up to break the call and they did not call back, so likely ROBOCALL. A lot of credit card scams going around again right now.


Who Called: "THOMAS REGAN" on caller id DEAD AIR ROBOCALL. Picked up silently even tho' this is an unknown name with a far away area code to us. Google search says this is a DOG GROOMING company. We don't have a dog and are 1500 miles away from this number! Can only guess what scam this is.


Saw my notice on Craigslist tried to set me up for some other post by asking for my email address. I sent his information to a FBI friend.


This is a call girls phone number she does anything you want her address is 1937 finch street central islip ny her real name is LAURA LA WALSH or call 631-371-1622 for a great time????????


I’m so sick of google maps!!! If they don’t get your information under the false pretenses on the first time, they will call you from literally 10 other numbers to try to get to you! Always a foreign person and always rude about wanting your info! **** off google maps!


Scam call from Indian caller. Claimed Blue Cross. Terrible attempt for a scammer. Blocked call


This number showed up on my phone's caller ID screen two times within 30 minutes on 1-11-2018. I have learned to NOT answer the phone when I see an unidentified number and the caller hung up when my answering machine's message started. The BEST thing to do when you see "Unknown Caller" displayed on your called ID screen, is to NOT answer the phone.