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Fake collection company wanting your ss#. Will not give you any information until you provide your ss#.


My dad


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Fake loan company


had same guy said was federal da i was indicted for sending money to nigerian rebels SCAM SCAM


had same guy said was federal da i was indicted for sending money to nigerian rebels SCAM SCAM


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Cyril Anderson.


Person posing as a realtor trying to get inforamation.


This is a scam...recording says thank you for calling customer service. Recording mentions "including how to add your phone # to our DO NOT CALL registry...yeah, right. I think when you add your # to the DO NOT CALL list, they freaking sell it.


Called no message late at night




This is an active prostitute who is a single mother. She also does private skype for $. She will try to extort men with various types of blackmail. Do not associate with this person.


Yo ya no les creo envié todo mis datos y no pasa nada Le enviare mi e-mail todo lo re ingresado más de 20 veces y no paso nada


Received an explicit message from this number on my daughter's IPAD....blocked the call and contacted the Police.


Sold me 9 Seresto flea collars but now their Spokeo,com address doesn't exist anymore


Sold me 9 Seresto flea collars but now their Spokeo,com address doesn't exist anymore


JCP debt collector- calls all day and doesn't leave a voicemail.


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Yup totally a scam. They even hacked the phone line and called me from my local sheriffs office. Pretended to be an officer in route with sirens and everything ( nice touch I might add) look bottom line is the IRS will NEVER call you and they do not ever want any thing except cold hard cash not Google play cards. Seriously ppl wth. Hoping this don't sound racist but you mean to tell me that the IRS only employs people of Indian decent???????? I even asked for a supervisor the guy pushed a few buttons on his phone and tried to change his voice???????? share this number with your family friends post it on your page, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or what ever.Older people who aren't tech savy are getting robbed everyday and its not fair. Help someone today and share this on your social media site. Be blessed and informed not infulenced.


Is this True? It's someone who isn't from the USA ????????, telling me I am getting sued by the IRS! That's NOT RIGHT!!! Isn't there anything legal anyone can do?! This is VERY WRONG! And ILLEGAL!


Keeps calling me every 30 minutes all day and several days before.


Scammer recording saying I'm being sued by irs


Received a call from 202-800-9464,won't give me his name saying he is the IRS


Received a call from Mike Jones with the US District attorney office in washington DC. Talking about Western union and funding terrorist. Scam


Calling and hanging up. Need to know if it is an abusive ex.


Calls every day! Disgusted!!!!


constantly calls "oh, I'm sorry, wrong number"....


Es completamente gratis cuando lo vienen a entregar y cuando se pide ?


missed call didnt say who they was just left a blank voicemail. calked numberback and it just hung up.




Caller is claiming to be from the IRS and stating that you're under investigation for tax evasion. When confronted, they hung up on me.


I have him emailing/texting me? Is this a scam, I have my reservations about him?


totally garbled nonsense. no id for caller


Called 7 times in past 24 hours. Google search returns only complaints.


Credit card spam.


Called four times and doesn't leave a message. I have blocked this caller.


looking for grandma


They called 5 times today, starting this morning, calling every 2 or 3 hours apart. I do NOT know anyone in Tennessee. They always leave a 3 second blank message. And they are calling a Google phone number I created and ONLY use to call scammers, it's NEVER used for anything else!!! So I called these low lifes back from this Google phone number. I immediately hear a robo message stating "Please stay on the line, your call is very important to us." No company name is ever mentioned. After this robo message, they play distorted music for 1 min and then the "Please stay on the line, your call is very important to us" message is repeated. This continues for 6 minutes and then they hang up. No one EVER picks up the call. SCAM!!!


Caller ID: YORBA LINDA CA; this number called 3x last week. All times, there was no response, or they did not leave a message on voicemail. Of all the times CID YORBA LINDA CA appeared from different numbers (5 other times this month by 2 other numbers using the same CID), the results were the same, except for once in April this year. A person asked for the owner, and I offered to take a message, but they said they would try again another time and hung up. They never said who they are.


got a text saying submission received for me. Wrap up payment preference stage at pevxt.u./ustb. stop to end. I have no idea who this is from or what it is about. I called the number back and a recording said the number was "not set up" what ever that means.


Met this guy on Ashley Madison. He said his name was David. Supposedly an investment banker and scuba dive instructor on the side. He asked me to text him some pictures of me. I did, but it looks like the text messages were never sent and the text never showed up in my text history. I am positive this guy is a scammer.


I want a refund. I haven't viewed a report yet. Please refund all of my money as quickly as you took it out.


This is a scammer trying to get you to say the word YES so they can use your voice to purchase unwanted items


Said my SS was found in El Paso Texas (haven't been there) and my account was compromised. They were suspending my Social Security Payments. Wanted to know my bank name and how far I lived from the bank. Also wanted info on debit card (didn't get any of that info) Crooks!


Got a call from this number. They say it's the IRS and they have serious allegations against me and I could be taken into custody by local authorities. I pay my taxes so this is a scam.


This person texted me after I inquired about an apartment for rent on craigslist, saying that they live out of the area and would not be there to physically show me the room. Oldest scam in the book do not fall for this trick!


Called out of left field. No message left. Looked up the number with a google search and sure enough it is a credit card scam. Be warned, do not answer, block if you can, and report to FTC as well.


Literally half way to him after repeatedly assuring me he wasn't going to flake(he is very far from me)he did what? Flaked. I carried a very heavy luggage for 2 hours and I wanted to cry. He's trash