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This number keepers calling me.




I received a call from 513-686-5890 - don't know who it is. I don't answer unless I know. I was on Plenty of Fish yesterday, gave my phone number in code to a couple of people, but I'm not liking the comments below. I'm probably going to close it right away - lots of nuts on there!


I got a weird text message from this number, and it was one of those annoying chain hoax’s that said: OMG YOU’VE BEEN KIDNAPPED, DON’T WORRY I’LL RESCUE YOU. I HOPE THEY HAVE BEEN FEEDING YOU. I’LL BRING CHOCOLATE… WHITE, MILK, OR DARK?


A recording message called me, I selected 9 for an operator. A man with a strong accent then answered me and asked if I was on instagram, how old I was, and other personal questions.


Hope this son of a bi*ch goes to hell they needa stop scaring people and get a life . Low life ass niggas lol get a job ????????????????????????????????????????????????


I have this number blocked on my phone but they call almost every day and sometimes more than once in the same day. I have no idea who they are. They never leave a message.


I have this number blocked on my phone but they call almost every day and sometimes more than once in the same day. I have no idea who they are. They never leave a message.


Message details “Are unable to lower your credit card interest rate. Press one to speak to the member services department or press two and your eligibility to lower your rate will expire.” Received call when didn’t answer left message. Assume about cc, but don’t have one; especially ID as TATTOO shop


This number was listed as home number on my phone. When called it someone laughed made references to my job and jokingly called me a phone hacker when I asked who I was speaking with I was hung up on. When I called back the number was forwarded to my cell number? Now I am dealing with an identity theft problem


The callerthreatens to have me arrested based supposedly on 4 claims against me but requests that I return their call. This is another instance which I have received from various phone numbers perhaps 3 to 4 times per year about 3 or 4 years. I block these numbers and do not return their call as requested in case it has a virus attached but have no evidence any virus is involved.


Garbage call telemarketer


They just won't give up. Claiming to be health care plan providers. I've block over 63 different number from this company since March alone. I'm just going to report the the company and see what happens


NY call center that auto searches contact request forms online and then sends contact requests through email at 11 am and midnight. My website not only emails but then sends me a text or phone message so I get to wake up with these ad solicitations. Not a company I'll work with based on this behavior alone.


THIS IS A SNITCH WORKING THE POLICE HE CALLED ME AT 1:00am was very pushy about location and asked for the hour then I hung up he called back only it was the State Police called me from several different numbers


1-731-607-2757 this phone number is my phone number and it is a safelink phone number some one is using my number i phoned the bank they know the person using my number and unauthorized usage of a safelink phone the person can be fined $10,000.00 or 10 years in prison or both


major bitch boy.


Given this number by someone on Tinder claiming to be a woman from Virginia currently with friends in the San Diego area. She gave me the number very quickly, which I thought was suspicious, and asked me to call. I asked her to call me instead but she responded that I should text her. I asked what part of San Diego she was in and she didn't answer.


I called back the number and they denied ever calling me, even though caller ID on my phone shows three calls by them. After inquiring further, they hung up on me. Shady business practices.


Robot voice left voicemail stating that they wanted to confirm my name; after a short awkward pause (as if they were waiting on me to confirm my name), they stated that they were going to be contacting the Sheriff's office and issue an arrest warrant, etc. NOT SAFE!!!!!!!!!


512-201-0289 is a scam number. Its owned by two local conartists. Myria is a worthless heroine addict who usually spends her time as a prostitute. And the man is a concrete pavement company that's a total joke. All there after is your money. Don't get any services by them.


Some old lady with a deep southern accent I could not understand what she was saying. Accusing me of something and that her attorney would be calling me...crazy all at 6:30 in the morning. I'm in San Francisco she was calling from Texas.....nuts...


Company stating they are representing debt collector who wants to serve court documents.


Call this number back from a blocked landline and Verizon says this number has been changed! Really it just called me but thanks to HIYA it was noted as being a potential spoof call


telemarketing SCAM ALERT! When calling number back went to voicemail, NOT the phone bank. This is obviously NOT a real company.


he is a scam is says he is gay and wonts to be with some one how ever he says he will give 800.00 weekly for that he is on jacked ans date sites for gay men at this time asks your bank info what bank you deal with


Sales Pitch for at fall risk people as soon as I say I live solely on Medicare Benefits they hang up calls 2/3 times a month different number


They ask for Ronald. They record your voice and use it later. Say nothing. Hang up block the number. A new scam to get you to say yes no etc.


Robot asks is Ronald there. Don't answer. Your response is recorded and used to approve other things. Like phone services, and who knows. These thieves are getting sophisticated. Always hang up block the call. Try to never answer


Don't call my fucking phone again.


She has been texting my husband as well, knowing he is a married man! He works for a moving company and that's how he met her. She wanted him to move her and pay him with ***! She works for a moving company also. The nerve of this woman! I texted her and told her to stop texting my husband, and the coward didn't respond. Her name is Margaret. It's women like this that destroy marriages. Karma will catch her one day, if someone's wife doesn't first. The nerve of this woman. No class!


Someone is using this phone number to call other people and the phone number does not belong to who they say they are so be aware I think it's called spoofing


Constantly I was calling at all hours of the day to see if they can sell you a mortgage they have no regard for the fact that you never solicited their help


A man called and stated account receivables were due, and needed for me to call back. No invoice or bill has been forwarded, via postal mail. It is a scam, do not return call to number.


A call came in to my work from this number that is a part of a scam which has been harassing a coworker of mine for years pretending to be attempting to serve legal papers. This is connected to an identity theft incident, and no information whatsoever should be provided to this caller.


Called my mobile twice within one minute after 1030pm, bypassing my DND. WTH?! We can’t even sleep without being harassed by these obnoxious and rude people?!


Totally fake. The guy is a scammer has a fake marijuana website also ( ) stay far away. Scammer scammer scammer!!!!!!!!


This number is a spam. Be careful.


They called and left message that they were from Internal Revenue Service and I was being sued, to call them right away and I knew it was a spam call. I do not owe the IRS anything. Did not call back.


This number appaears in my id display because i receive the call when just i be trying to attend another call. I pick up the number 5 times and no one answer. I try to repeat the same operation with another number no answer. Well he reason to phone them back was the diaplay said the number call me 7 times when i attend the previous call thinking could will be urgent but nothing just nobody answer so i find it so annoying.


Be careful! This merchant just fraudulently charged our account and when I called the number, it is an automated response. We had to do a VISA dispute and cancel our cards with our bank to get the charges removed. Frustrating.


Several calls just yesterday. Didn't answer the phone. I do not answer calls from numbers I do not recognize. So glad I googled the number to find out who it is.


This person always texting looking for someone who isn't at the number. I have explained many times not one here with the name Michael. The are trying to get a vote for the Democrats. It needs to stop


amazing attorney has helped me tremendously and is very kind and will give you all the attention you deserve and will fight as if it's his own


Call from this number I just received a call from this number actually three calls. His name was King William if you can believe it and determined to engage me into a conversation about my flipping computer. I who the hell gives and how do they get our numbers I got a cell phone that's not passed out to anybody in that area I'm from Simcoe Ontario. I don't fall for these scams you know. I don't know how they get ahold of a cell phone number I think I was like a pain in his butt. I know he was A disruption in my day.


These people are unethical and highly unprofessional.i ask to speak with a supervisor and was told that they will call me back...I received 8 calls in 6hour..this is harassment!!


Bot call that I will be arrested by local police within 24 hours if I don’t respond to bot call. Screw them, I called local police and turn number in.


Called, left message about tax evasion. I returned call, they hung up when I asked who I was speaking with


Called for my daughter twice, first left a confused call like they forgot what to say. The second phone call a moment later stated that my daughter has been officially served, my daughter hasn't lived here in 20 years, so I have no idea what they were trying to pull, but they did know her full name, and the caller ID said the word "Bianey".


Called my 17 year old child and left a message that IRS has issued an arrest warrant for her. Umm, first off, IRS can't issue an arrest warrant. Second, she's only had one job and she started it this year, so she's never even had to file taxes and has no IRS footprint as of yet. This is harassment and is illegal.