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Calls everyday and leaves no message.


no message left dont know who is calling


*always* report scams to this website:


This guy is a piece of shit did the same shit to me for concert tickets. Reporting his ass to craigslist so he cant do this to anyone else.


MANY OF THESE CALL NUMBERS SEEM TO ORIGINATE FROM THE SAME SOURCE OR CALL CENTER. When you get any kind of unsolicited calls (robo generated or not) and you get a live person from the caller, when they greet you or ask you a question you just respond "What do you lying cork soakers want to scam me out of today?" If they respond or not just keep repeating your opening phrase over and over and over whatever they say or try to respond with. Do this until THEY hang up. If we all respond like this to all unsolicited and illegal calls they will soon get the message. I do this with all unsolicited illegal calls whether if is from Microsoft about computer errors, the IRS or someone wanting to sell back braces or "Rachel" from credit card services. I am on the DO NOT CALL list so that makes them fair game Try it!


Thanks again for answering the phone dumb ass


Un Bastard Motherfucker, me llamo de ese num. preguntando donde yo tenia mi auto. le conteste al Cabron que no sabia donde estaba.


This number called me in regards someone I had never heard of's whereabouts. I asked what kind of business this was and they could not tell me due to federal privacy laws. They then told me they removed my number from their list.... and asked if this was ok... I hung up as I was not going to give an approval. Still not sure what this "business" is.


An unwanted call from this Guadalupe VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. The predator has been flagged as a scam HVAC contractor, Another scam contractor also robocalls from (805) 356-3079 -- another Guadalupe VOIP number. Could they be one and the same? Who knows?


"Hi, my name is Elizabeth." She says in a real sweet sounding voice. She has been told not to call each time she has called.[5 times.] The number is on the DNC list but they call anyway.


They hung up on me when I answered. I blocked them as my caller id says V3211140290002302...I have been told by a cop friend of mine that this is usually tied to an overseas number & this is an overseas type of code. These people just want to steal your identity. I also received within a couple of minutes another number I suspect is associated with this same number. The other phone number is 703-972-8840 & the caller id showed for it as V32111070002302...if you notice both codes on my caller id looks suspicious & are very close in being similar. Always remember too that these type of numbers can be from the same person even though they look so different. I let my call blocker/robo blocker block the second number that called.


Dana Imbordino wore out Cleveland area Prostitute. Has a very long criminal record/history for Drugs Prostitution Theft Identity theft aggravated assault child endangerment. Is a scammer and thief. Will ruin your life!


Dana the dumpster


Loser scam artists tried to con my mother in law with some BS story a bought smuggled cocaine and a warrant for her arrest. Reporting these a- holes to the FCC.


Tried selling concert tickets to this guy through text (found through craigslist) and he sent a bunch of racist and homophobic slurs totally unprompted. In his email he went by 'Jay Tribe' never got his name.


This is MY phone number and people keep calling me asking why i called them. I never called any of these people. Who the f*** is using my number as a mask?






Dana the dumpster


another TRUMP f in supporter


this is my number in colombia




i got a call too from this number they told me they from the IRS and they owned money and i have to pay like $6954 if not the local police will come after me


Received call from 206-984-0827 at 9:15 PM, the lady talked fast at the beginning (Trying to skip over the name of where she was calling from and some other non-important blah blah ) though was polite and did apologize for calling late. She wanted me to complete a survey about the current issues in Washington state. I declined and politely hung up.


Got a call from 858 222 0583 saying I will have charges brought up on me for 4 accounts. Local police will come after me. It was a recorded message.


uber eats driver






This number 803-373-0006 calls once or twice a day. It comes up as a location: Beech Island SC. I never answer calls with just location or names I do not recognize. They do not leave a message, just hang up. Figure it is a scammer.


Caller left voicemail message saying that they were from my bank, and it was not urgent but needed to talk with me about my accounts (plural and I have only one account with that bank). I contacted my bank on the regular bank phone and e-mail line, and provided them information including this phone number. They said that they were aware of the fraudulent calls and appreciated my report.


Said I needed to approve them sending me an email but could not provide any information as to how they got my name and or really explain the name of their company that I asked for. Was not hostile but very persistent.


Same. Scammer.


They texted me saying "I need to vent so badly, omg". I blocked their number.


Same Here use vulgar language also threatening unstable person


Got a random text trying to scam me from this number. They pretended to be a friend of mine, but they are definitely not.


They pretend to be from the IRS saying that "I'm going to be arrested for unpaid taxes." And they're monitoring my house. Person saying I'm going to be arrested and being monitored unless I call 509-204-3160 back that I have to settle a dispute or legal matters would be file Caller: 509-204-3160


Claimed to be MrCooper a Texas financial, but they are using a Palo Alto, CA number. Smells bed.


For the past week this number has called me at least twice a day, I never pick up because they do not leave a voicemail and I never actually receive the call; it just shows up as missed call in my logs.




Received a call from this number this morning. The gentleman said his name was Ben Smith calling from Washington DC and he was with the Federal Trade Commission. Did not answer the call but this was the message he left on the answering machine. I feel this is a scam and will not return the call. (202) 516-7007


They keep calling and hanging up on my answering machine. Everything I have read is that this is a scammer. DO NOT ANSWER!!!


Says my military medals have been shipped and will arrive soon. I have not ordered anything from this #. SCAM


Calls ever day sometimes 2 or 3 times. No one on line. Call back busy signal.Been calling 3 months.


I was sent a message on instagram and they left the number 5086187995 telling to text this number if I would be interested in free tickets to a concert and dinner before the show. Claiming to be country artist Trace Adkins. Sending message to the @realchaceadkins


same here craiglist buyer scammer.


Calls my phone several times a day. Never leaves a message. Called them back today...answered phone ARS pre-litigation office. If this is a legit collection agency, why not leave a message???


just got a text from this number and all it said was who is this , don't have a clue.....


marriott, electronic answering machines


City; Portland OR State; multnomah k then


Every day I received at least one to two calls on my cell phone, saying that I was recently on their website and I had subscribed to receive free items in the mail and that they need for me to get a hold of them to verify my shipping address. her name is Cathy !