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Phone Number (202)516-7007 Partial Information

Phone Number2025167007
Located AtUSA-(United States)
CityWashington, DC
StateDistrict Of Columbia
Phone CompanyVerizon Washington, Dc Inc.
Phone typeLandline

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  • ed smith
  • December 06, 2018

had same guy said was federal da i was indicted for sending money to nigerian rebels SCAM SCAM

  • ed smith
  • December 06, 2018

had same guy said was federal da i was indicted for sending money to nigerian rebels SCAM SCAM

  • Joe Smith
  • September 26, 2018

Received a call from Mike Jones with the US District attorney office in washington DC. Talking about Western union and funding terrorist. Scam

  • Becky Hamilton
  • February 26, 2018

Received a call from this number this morning. The gentleman said his name was Ben Smith calling from Washington DC and he was with the Federal Trade Commission. Did not answer the call but this was the message he left on the answering machine. I feel this is a scam and will not return the call. (202) 516-7007


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That is wary good


Was nice while I had him


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said to 202-506-9892 :

This number above is supposed IRS telling you that you owe money and that legal fees are accumulating and to call them back to get your info. First of all two people have called me and they were from India. Second the IRS doesn't call you. This is a SCAM. I give them a hard time and don't give any info. They finally give up and hang up.


said to 315-503-5182 :

I got a call today. I couldn't answer the phone fast enough but I am glad I missed this call. I thought maybe it was someone who I knew. I looked this number up just now and see it is a scammer. Something needs to be done about these annoying calls. You think it is an important call and you waste time and thought. I think if you ever enter any contests, even if they are legit, that your number if you give it out can wind up in a scammers phone index. Shame on these slobs!


said to 808-292-5784 :

Wasn't able to find out who this was... said if I joined premium that there wasn't any guarantee that they would even know who it was at that point either. So with that in mind I walked away from hoping to figure out who this person (or persons) was calling my phone from this number that I have never seen or heard from before. I still feel this is an invaluable service and I will continue to use it whenever I have a need for this type of information. Hopefully they can help me identify the party in the f


said to 818-299-3333 :

Tried to sell some kind of heating/airconditioning scam.

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