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Phone Number2028009464
Located AtUSA-(United States)
CityWashington, DC
Phone CompanyPeerless Network Of The District Of Columbia, Dc
Phone typeUnknown

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  • Anonymous
  • October 09, 2018

Yup totally a scam. They even hacked the phone line and called me from my local sheriffs office. Pretended to be an officer in route with sirens and everything ( nice touch I might add) look bottom line is the IRS will NEVER call you and they do not ever want any thing except cold hard cash not Google play cards. Seriously ppl wth. Hoping this don't sound racist but you mean to tell me that the IRS only employs people of Indian decent???????? I even asked for a supervisor the guy pushed a few buttons on his phone and tried to change his voice???????? share this number with your family friends post it on your page, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or what ever.Older people who aren't tech savy are getting robbed everyday and its not fair. Help someone today and share this on your social media site. Be blessed and informed not infulenced.

  • Smitty
  • October 09, 2018

Is this True? It's someone who isn't from the USA ????????, telling me I am getting sued by the IRS! That's NOT RIGHT!!! Isn't there anything legal anyone can do?! This is VERY WRONG! And ILLEGAL!

  • Anonymous
  • October 04, 2018

Received a call from 202-800-9464,won't give me his name saying he is the IRS


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said to 605-277-8372 :

Left a voice mail stating that my "tax filings at headquarters will expire in the next 24 hours and I will be taken into custody by the local cops" if I don't call them back. The message doesn't even make sense.


said to 816-318-5089 :

Keep getting calls from this number asking for a Samuel. I finally got fed up and called the number 4 times to tell them to stop calling as I'd bought my phone brand new and my name isn't Samuel. It goes to a suspicious voice recording asking you to wait do to high call volume then ends the call Everytime a little after five minutes. So guessing it's some kind of debt something an some lieing loser gave them a fake number.


said to 202-386-2510 :

He wanted me to do an outcall for $100. I said no, and insisted that he go deal with the dumb bitches that leave their location for 100. Afterwards he harassed me for hours sending violent and threatening text messages.


said to 619-537-7051 :

Called and threatening me daying if i didn't return phone call I better have a good lawyer. Voice was intermittent like it was from a machine not a person Caller: Didn't say