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Phone Number3478970830
Located AtUSA-(United States)
CityFar Rockaway, NY
Phone CompanyRnk
Phone typeUnknown

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  • Louie
  • February 10, 2018

This is a collection call do not answer


Your Name:

keep calling, never leave a msg, no body answers if I pick up


Calls everyday and leaves no message.


no message left dont know who is calling


*always* report scams to this website:


This guy is a piece of shit did the same shit to me for concert tickets. Reporting his ass to craigslist so he cant do this to anyone else.


MANY OF THESE CALL NUMBERS SEEM TO ORIGINATE FROM THE SAME SOURCE OR CALL CENTER. When you get any kind of unsolicited calls (robo generated or not) and you get a live person from the caller, when they greet you or ask you a question you just respond "What do you lying cork soakers want to scam me out of today?" If they respond or not just keep repeating your opening phrase over and over and over whatever they say or try to respond with. Do this until THEY hang up. If we all respond like this to all unsolicited and illegal calls they will soon get the message. I do this with all unsolicited illegal calls whether if is from Microsoft about computer errors, the IRS or someone wanting to sell back braces or "Rachel" from credit card services. I am on the DO NOT CALL list so that makes them fair game Try it!


Thanks again for answering the phone dumb ass


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said to 818-309-1017 :

Left 2 voicemails that there was a lawsuit filed against me and a warrant for my arrest issued and to call the number back. Obvious scam. I called back and a man with an indian accent answered saying "IRS, how may I help you". Really? I told them to take my number off their scam list and stop calling and that it is very rude and wrong to call and leave people voicemails that they have a warrant out for their arrest. He kept stuttering and finally when I repeated to take my number off and stop calling he said, "Ok, I will do that."


said to 703-763-4945 :

Scam saying i won a contest, i entered during the holiday season. I asked what the name was on the entry and the say Mrs Roberts. I told them this is not me. they call twice within an hour. I missed the call the first time. tried calling the number back, and its a non working number. They call back 30 minutes later.


said to 702-503-5035 :

A alcoholic neighbor that likes to hit on woman, lie to them to sleep with them. Gives his wife sleeping pills so he could sneak out and have *** with different women.


said to 614-992-0507 :

This is a scammer name Kevin Thomas that owns this number 614-992-0507 to do fake flips with others doing it through western union & money gram & scammed in the process he needs to be charged by the way he's probably in Grove city oh

Charles Thomas

said to 201-463-1099 :

Yeah they're poorly trying to scam people.


said to 858-205-1791 :

SCAM Telemarketer - They call every single day (starting June 25, 2017). Never leave a message. Every time that I call them back, during office hours, no person answers. Instead, an automated voicemail answers and does not identify a company or person. It does say "If you have any questions about a phone call that you received a call from this number, please leave a message." Obviously a Telemarketer.


said to 701-284-6507 :

Microsoft wannabe.... Said I have a virus on my computer.... Well, 1.) The person talking didn't understand english very well. 2.) I told her that I owned a Mac. (She didn't understand that point ) 3.) Asked her for a contact number. Told her the number she gave me didn't work. It's just a troll scam to get all your info...... Don't bother answering this call...... BTY, I had loads of fun confusing her with minor points that didn't make any sense.


said to 626-910-7646 :

A man name Richard called me from this number asking to speak with a Patricia. When I told him it was a wrong number, he persisted and said that she was his ex-wife and wanted to speak with her. I again told him that I didn't know a Patricia, and he asked if I was Patricia. I asked him why he wouldn't know what his ex-wife sounded like and he told me that he wasn't good at recognizing voices. I then hung up on him. This dude is a creep and I don't know what game he is playing considering the other messages here.


said to 213-291-6992 :

Calling with a Case number and the follow a script that is grammatically incorrect and strange and asked to hold for an agent, but never identify themselves or give you a chance to say anything. My gut is telling me a scam.


said to 407-549-0713 :

Caller was from National Debt Service. asked for a odd name Paula "Something" could hear a busy call center in the background, no idea how they got number

Kenny Powers

said to 330-271-6800 :

"The following message is intended for _?_?_ _?_?_?_ _?_?_?_?_?_ _?_?_?_?_?_ my name is Anthony Atwell um I need to do what is known as a process of service with you here in my office now according to the federal law you do have a right to have your attorney present however to schedule this with me voluntarily you can reach me here in my office at 216-370-7413 now um if I fail to hear from you or your retained attorney of record I will document that you waive your right to counsel, submit this issue to the state of Michigan in Saginaw county for further action. Govern yourself accordingly....good luck" Called from 330-271-6800: