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Phone Number (352)410-1549 Partial Information

Phone Number3524101549
Located AtUSA-(United States)
CityBrooksville, FL
Phone CompanyAerial Communications
Phone typeUnknown

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  • Jacob Staff
  • September 11, 2016

Yooo. Wya w the info? I kinda need it now cuz the lady's identity that im trying to steal, her bank account is running low due to her new car purchased on a sunday afternoon at exactly 2:13 pm but lets not get into the details. anyway, ive been trying to be nice and calm about this little situation but its getting to the point where I need to make a serious move. soooo, if u don't releas the info, ill shoot ur house down :))))))) love, Jacob Staff

  • Jacob Staff
  • September 11, 2016

Hey, its me again, Jacob Staff. Still waiting on the info whether or not you're going to release it to me. I hope you do because that would be extremely helpful :) Let me Know!! love, Jacob Staff. :)))

  • Jacob Staff
  • August 26, 2016

My name is Jacob Staff :) I am trying to steal people's identity. So will you please be kind enough to release this information to me? Let me know :) love, Jacob Staff!!!!! :))))


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constantly calls "oh, I'm sorry, wrong number"....


Es completamente gratis cuando lo vienen a entregar y cuando se pide ?


missed call didnt say who they was just left a blank voicemail. calked numberback and it just hung up.


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said to 914-862-8204 :

This is a complete fraud guy. Calling and telling People in need for money about loan and asking them to transfer money via moneygram. I am 100% possitive that these guys are from India or Pakistan and cheating the poeple with the name of Micheal Hunt and other american names.


said to 731-220-2740 :

Called twice saying I owed him money for work he did, told him he had the wrong number and he threatened to call department of labor. I hung up.


said to 202-697-9528 :

Just got a call from these people claiming to be U.U. Federal Grants & Treasury. They said I was eligible for a grant of $9000.00 and would not have to pay it back. They gave me another phone number 202-697-9528 and told me to provide the ID # they gave me. The lady had a very heavy accent. Said I had to call right away. Of course i did not. I googled the number she gave me and right away it said "SCAM" which I had already figured out. Please be very vigilante


said to 832-307-0034 :

Fax machine.

Tracey T