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Phone Number (702)680-0777 Partial Information

Phone Number7026800777
Located AtUSA-(United States)
CityLas Vegas, NV
Phone CompanyUsa Mobility Wireless
Phone typeCell Number

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  • Bee
  • August 03, 2018

This number calls me once a day to never leave a message.

  • Rita
  • July 17, 2018

I have this number blocked on my phone but they call almost every day and sometimes more than once in the same day. I have no idea who they are. They never leave a message.

  • Rita
  • July 17, 2018

I have this number blocked on my phone but they call almost every day and sometimes more than once in the same day. I have no idea who they are. They never leave a message.


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Person posing as a realtor trying to get inforamation.


This is a scam...recording says thank you for calling customer service. Recording mentions "including how to add your phone # to our DO NOT CALL registry...yeah, right. I think when you add your # to the DO NOT CALL list, they freaking sell it.


Called no message late at night


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said to 412-407-4408 :

Caller first ask for my daughter by name, then when I ask she was not home they ask for the man or lady of the house. Proceeded to give a rehearsed speech about the State Police fund. I politely interrupted and ask I gave locally, then hung up. The State Police DO NOT make phone calls asking for money!!! Why can't the authorities catch these low life scammers???


said to 563-999-0350 :

I too have received calls two days in a row from this number. No message. I have blocked the number.


said to 406-420-3048 :

I got a call from this number 406-420-3048. You know what is amazing? This number magically showed up on the internet in June. In June, this number magically has been calling people and harassing them. This number calls me everyday. I never answer because I already know it is a SCAM and the people who are calling are low-lifed scums of the Earth who lead miserable lives and have nothing to do better than to prey on the vulnerable and weak. Listen up Scammers at the number 406-420-3048, if you got so called official legal papers drawn up, and you got my address at home and at work, then bring your ass on. Come on over to my residence and my job and see what happens to you. You will be greeted with the police department for sure for harassment. Do you know how many of your calls you have left on my voice mail that I have saved? YOu ignorant fool. You don't scare me and I want you to come. Come on then since you think you got a fake ass case. People, what we need to do is write the Attorney General about these callers and this phone number. Save everything! Create files on these people and send copies to the your Attorney General's office and your local F.B.I agency. Then file a police report. You do everything legal to cover yourself but one thing, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THESE SCAMMERS. Be strong. Have FAith and know that you have NOT done anything wrong and even if you do owe an old debt, that is over 5 years or more, you don't own that debt any longer. Check your local state and county laws. KNOW THE LAW. Block their numbers the best way you can. Register your number with the National Do Not Call List. KEEP RECORDS. And if we all work TOGETHER, We can file a heavy law suit on them! We can get them LOCKED UP! And the thing about is, we won't be using scare tactics, WE WILL BE USING THE LAW. AND WE WILL BE LEGAL. HAVE A WONDERFUL AND BLESSED DAY AND KNOW THAT NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU OR ME SHALL PROSPER, WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS AND SCAMMERS SHALL FALL AND FADE AWAY LIKE THE WEEDS AND SCUM THAT THEY ARE!


said to 773-839-0519 :

Left a message that said "Supply charges to my electric account." Even though the last account I had is all paid for and I currently have no other electric accounts. Didn't say my name at all, said to be ready with my account information, and gave me a very short and fishy account number. 90% sure it's a scam.