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Phone Number (972)623-4514 Partial Information

Phone Number9726234514
Located AtUSA-(United States)
CityGrand Prairie, TX
Phone CompanySouthwestern Bell
Phone typeLandline

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JCP debt collector- calls all day and doesn't leave a voicemail.


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Yup totally a scam. They even hacked the phone line and called me from my local sheriffs office. Pretended to be an officer in route with sirens and everything ( nice touch I might add) look bottom line is the IRS will NEVER call you and they do not ever want any thing except cold hard cash not Google play cards. Seriously ppl wth. Hoping this don't sound racist but you mean to tell me that the IRS only employs people of Indian decent???????? I even asked for a supervisor the guy pushed a few buttons on his phone and tried to change his voice???????? share this number with your family friends post it on your page, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or what ever.Older people who aren't tech savy are getting robbed everyday and its not fair. Help someone today and share this on your social media site. Be blessed and informed not infulenced.


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said to 214-432-0349 :

Just another scam of some kind. Says to call them back before this "Law Enforcement Action" is turned over to the Federal Court House. Called twice and left a message.


said to 626-888-5279 :

An unwanted call from this Alhambra VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, the caller left no message, just dead space. Robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) do this all the time while trolling the phone lines seeking gullible schmucks to victimize. The perpetrator has placed unwanted calls since January 2016, but stopped after April 2016 for two years. Could the perp have been behind bars, has just been released, and is now picking up where he left off? Inquiring minds want to know.

Quick Brown Fox

said to 530-564-8926 :

This number calls EVERY DAY and does not leave a message. A minimum of 6 calls per day. I think it could be a robocal. I do not answer to calls that I don't recognize. If a message is left on my answer machine, I will return the call. But I have about 70 calls stacked up. How can I stop these calls? •

A. J. Hub

said to 313-347-8168 :

Gonna keep trying. Just started a new petition at 100,000 is a lot of signatures but these scum make millions of calls every day. The drone thing is a bit of humor and to get some interest. I do not condone the drone program being used as judge and jury in any way!